• Hyde Full Head Halloween Mask
  • Gruesome Full Head Halloween Mask

Justin Mabry

Art Director / Character Design

Trick or Treat Studios is proud to have Justin Mabry as our Art Director.  In this role, Justin runs our Halloween Mask sculpting team and defines the direction of our Halloween Product line.

Justin Mabry comes to Trick or Treat Studios with over 15 years experience masking masks and models, and is responsible for creating many horror masterpieces that are on the shelves of Halloween Mask Collectors all over the world.  Justin is the founder and President of Nightowl Productions, and is one of the first independent Halloween Masks makers to sell directly on the Internet.  Justin’s creations range from zombies to freaks to monsters to madmen, and all of his creations are made with the precision and skill of a fine craftsman.  Justin continues to be a featured guest at numerous conventions across the country including Monster Mania, Maskapalooza, Monsterpalooza, and Maskfest.

Justin was honored as Latex Mask Central’s Top Halloween Mask Maker.  He is also a frequent contributor to Horrorhound Magazine.