The Orphan Killer Halloween Mask
  • Marcus Miller Halloween Mask
  • Matt Farnsworth The Orphan Killer
  • Frances McDormand Darkman
  • Justin Mabry The Orphan Killer

The Orphan Killer Halloween Mask$59.99

Sculpted by Justin Mabry

Trick or Treat Studios and Full Fathom 5 is proud to present the Official Mask of Marcus Miller, The Orphan Killer.

With the actual screen used mask in hand, provided by The Orphan Killer Producer, Director and Actor, Matt Farnsworth, our Art Director, Justin Mabry sculpted every detail of the screen used mask to make this the ultimate The Orphan Killer Mask.

So order your The Orphan Killer mask today and terrorize your sister!

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9/12/15 Update

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The Orphan Killer

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