The Trick or Treat Studios Story

Trick or Treat Studios offers high quality Halloween Masks, Costumes, Props, Weapons, Make-up, Appliances, and Accessories for Retailers, Distributors, Collectors and Haunts. With original characters, monsters, and major licenses from comics, gaming, music, television, and film, Trick or Treat Studios is the go-to company for the best in the Costuming Industry.

Incorporated in 2009, Trick or Treat Studios is dedicated to bringing back the retro / classic look and feel from the Golden Age of costume making; an era when high quality and classic designs ruled the industry.

All of our products are 100% hand made, which includes sculpting, molding, casting, cutting, painting, sewing and hairing, making each product a unique piece of art. Our worldwide distribution includes major Distributors, Brick and Mortar Retailers, Web Based Retailers, Haunts, Amusement Parks and Direct to End Customers via our website.

Some of Our Customers Include:

Party City / Halloween City
Spencer Gifts / Spirit Halloween
Hot Topic
Toys r Us
Morris Costumes
Buy Seasons
Costumes Galore
Halloween Adventure
Metamorph / Mask World
Caufield’s Novelties
Loftus Novelty and Magic Company
Cedar Fair Entertainment Company
Busch Gardens
Universal Studios Theme Parks

In addition to original designs, Trick or Treat Studios is the go-to company for Studios wanting the best replication of their motion picture and television icons.

Some of our licenses include:

The Child’s Play Franchise, Halloween II, and They Live - Universal Studios
The Big Friendly Giant – Walt Disney / Dreamworks
Game of Thrones - HBO
American Horror Story – 20th Century Fox
The Walking Dead & Fear the Walking Dead – AMC
Frosty the Snowman, Corpse Bride, and King Kong – Warner Bros.
Halloween 6, 7, & 8 (Michael Myers) – Miramax Films
Trick r Treat & Krampus – Legendary Pictures
Jeepers Creepers, Rocky & Killer Klowns From Outer Space – MGM
Hellboy & The Goon – Dark Horse Comics
Dracula and White Zombie – Lugosi Entertainment
The Wolfman, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Phantom of the Opera - Chaney Entertainment
Rob Zombie, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Ghost BC, and Alice Cooper – Global Day of the Dead – Blair Wood Entertainment
Evil Dead 2 & Mad Monster Party – StudioCanal
Mice and Mystics & Summoner Wars – Plaid Hat Games|
Smash Up – AEG Games
King of Tokyo, King of New York - iello Games.

Trick or Treat Studios design and production team includes the best designers from the fields of motion pictures, special effects and animation. Our designers are world renown and have been the recipients of countless awards, including four Academy Awards. Combine world-class artistic talent with a top business management team and the best production companies in the world, with over 50 years combined experience, and you get the highest quality products in the costume industry.

Corporate Office Address:

3085 Carriker Lane, Suite E, Soquel, CA 95073

Main Phone: 831-713-9665

Primary Fax: 831-621-4763

Questions Regarding Online Orders:

Interested in sculpting for the best mask company in the world?

Contact our Art Director Justin Mabry at