Antique Skull Halloween Mask - Production Prototype

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Sculpted by Connor Deless

A Production Prototype is the mask we use to evaluate the product before it goes to full scale production. What makes a Production Prototype so unique is that it is the first mask out of the Artist's Mold, hence it has the most detail, making it as close to the Artists' Master as you can get. In addition, the Production Prototype is painted and finished by the factory's Master Painters who are the best of the best in the factory as they set the color mix and paint scheme for the entire production run.

The masks are numbered and labeled on the inside and who gets number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 is based on first come first.

Don't miss this rare chance to get a piece of Trick or Treat Studios history.

A Skull Mask is a staple of any great Halloween Mask Collection and, frankly, you can never have enough of them. That's why we decided to add a new Skull to our 2016 lineup.

Sculpted by the incredibly talented Connor Deless, this Skull is one of the most unique skull masks ever produced. So make sure to grab this amazing Halloween Skull Mask to add to your collection.

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Antique Skull Halloween Mask - Production Prototype

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