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Sculpted by Justin Mabry

Trick or Treat Studios and Chaney Entertainment is proud to present the Officially licensed Phantom of the Opera - Lon Chaney Halloween Mask!

Based on the likeliness of The Man of a Thousand Faces in his most famous role, Universal Studios' Phantom of the Opera, this mask is an exact replica of the Phantom.

Sculpted by our Art Director, Justin Mabry, and based on numerous screen shots from The Phantom of the Opera and a collection of our favorite Phantom masks from the great Don Post Studios of the 60's and 70's, this is the ultimate Phantom of the Opera Halloween Mask.

So order your Officially Licensed Phantom of the Opera Halloween Mask today, get yourself a cape, and get ready to terrorize the your local opera house!

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Return Policy: Trick or Treat Studios will accept returns on manufacturing defects only. All claims must be made within 5 days of receipt of merchandise. All returns must be pre-approved. In the event of any mistake on your order, please contact us immediately.

Lon Chaney™ likeness as Erik “The Phantom of the Opera” is a trademark and copyright of Chaney Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Phantom of the Opera

  • Phantom of the Opera

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Another amazing mask from Trick or treat studios

by Art - August 4, 2017

Overall Satisfaction
The mask is absolutely amazing. Only problem, the hair was really gray, but it's still amazing. It's a must have if you are a Lon Chaney Sr fan and if you love creepy masks. I would give this review 4 stars, but the shipping was really fast and the service is really good.

My favorite mask in my collection!

by Rocky - December 17, 2016

Overall Satisfaction
Lon Chaney Sr. has always been my hero, specifically with the Phantom of the Opera. When I found out about this mask, I was ecstatic! When I finally received it, I fell in love. Of all of the Chaney phantom masks our there, the Trick or Treat Studios one is the best on the market! The paint job really fits what I always thought the original always looked like in person. It's simplicity is what really makes this mask an exact likeness of Chaney's Erik. Well, almost exact. My one issue with this mask is the hair. The hair parting down from the center of the head does match Chaney's, but the way it is glued could have been done better. The hair is stuck down flat with an inch wide gap down the middle. I also feel that the hair could have been darker in color to match Chaney. But, as a whole, this still is and always will be my favorite mask. Definitely worth buying!

2 Item(s)

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