Ghost - Nameless Ghouls Mask

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Sculpted by Jason King

Trick or Treat Studios and Global Merchandising Services are proud to present the officially licensed Ghost - Nameless Ghouls Mask.

Sculpted by Jason King, this mask captures the distinctive look of the musicians referred to only as the Nameless Ghouls. This amazing mask is made out of resin, just like the masks worn by the Nameless Ghouls themselves, and is padded on the inside for perfect comfort and fit.

So get yourself the Nameless Ghoul Mask and rock out with Papa Emeritus and Ghost!

Please note that resin is a temperature sensitive material and your mask can expand and contract as a result, especially when shipped. In addition, resin masks can have variation in texture as a result of curing. These issues do not constitute a defect.

Here is a helpful video from Jason on how to expand and contract your mask.

Ghost! © 2018 Global Merchandising Services. All right reserved.

Shipping Resin Masks: Please note that these masks are made of resin, hence they require a large box and a ton of packing material to ensure safe delivery, hence the additional charge for shipping.

Cancellation Policy: Trick or Treat Studios does not accept cancellations after an approved order has been processed.

Return Policy: Trick or Treat Studios will accept returns on manufacturing defects only. All claims must be made within 5 days of receipt of merchandise. All returns must be pre-approved. In the event of any mistake on your order, please contact us immediately.

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Ghost - Nameless Ghouls Mask

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One Badass Mask !!!! Breathtaking !!!

by Tina - October 5, 2018

Overall Satisfaction
Just recieved my Nameless Ghoul Mask today and it was incredable !!! Packing was beyond great and the mask itself is phenominal !!! One of the best masks I have ever seen...Very well worth the money.JUST AWESOME !!! Thank you !!!!

Best mask ever!!!!!!!!

by Greg - October 2, 2018

Overall Satisfaction
Just got my Nameless Ghoul mask on time just like they said they would have it to me by. And I can't believe how AWESOME it is!!!!!! It is perfect, and just in time for Halloween and the Ghost show in Nov. I still can't get over the craftsmanship and attention to detail. The guys at Trick Or Treat Studios knocked it out of the park with my mask. I can't wait to get another one from here. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!


by Forrest - October 1, 2018

Overall Satisfaction
It fits a little big on me but I blame that on my weird head size. It's beautifully made and excellent quality. The shipping price is worth it it came extra packed to make sure it arrived safely. Overall worth the price and worth a buy.

I don't want to take it off.

by Nicholas - June 20, 2018

Overall Satisfaction
Absolutely incredible!!! Ordered mine in the end of April through Mask World (DE) - I live in the Netherlands - and received a notification that it was being sent just three days ago. So it arrived three months earlier than expected!!!
The mask is in perfect state. Looks really good up close and I didn't expect it to fit my head this good. It's actually quite comfy. No adjustments needed. And now I kinda just not want to take it off. 100% satisfied and recommended.

Overall satisfaction

by Ezequiel - June 16, 2018

Overall Satisfaction
I think the best copy the paintjob the expresión is perfect

Great mask that you can further customize

by Ryan - June 5, 2018

Overall Satisfaction
For $60 I was overall satisfied, but I had a few nitpicks which I was mostly able to fix myself. The mask doesn't include a strap to hold it on your head. I took one off an old gas mask I had, and used epoxy to fasten it in. I also added another small piece of padding to rest on my chin for a better more comfortable fit. Second, the paint job could be better, but if you're savvy with paints you can easily tweak it yourself. The only other criticism I have is that the horns aren't quite symmetrical. I'm not sure if this was done on purpose to differentiate from the original molds, but it's not that noticeable.

I wore this mask for over 4 hours at a Ghost concert, and got tons of compliments, and about 30 hot girls wanted selfies with me! It was a surreal experience, lol.

I'll definitely be buying the new ghoul and ghouleh mask when they become available. I hope ToTS takes some of the criticisms of this mask to heart, and produce the best quality they can.

Ghoulishly perfect.

by Toby - October 20, 2017

Overall Satisfaction
Just unboxed my mask and HOLY COW, this thing is perfect. It is identical to the masks worn on stage and it arrived in absolutely bombproof packaging. I read early complaints about the points behind the ears getting damaged in shipping but TOTS has taken care of that. I think you could drop this thing out of an airplane and it would survive intact. I was concerned about just how fragile the mask might be as I will be wearing it many times but this mask is solid and heavy. You definitely get your money's worth and more.

Quality Product, Supreme Quality Customer Service.

by Alan - July 20, 2017

Overall Satisfaction
Absolutely good mask, worth every penny, im very happy with the mask and the great customer service ToTS gave me with an inconvenience I had, I will definitely recommend this site to my friends.

Excellent product!

by Daniel - July 17, 2017

Overall Satisfaction
This is a very good quality mask of Trick or Treat Studios. I'm very happy with this mask, BUT. If you have the complete costume of Papa Emeritus II you must release the Namelessghoul costume!!!

a mask people will GHOUL over!

by Craig - July 16, 2017

Overall Satisfaction
Very well made lots of care was taken in the production of this product.
Shipping was very fast and well packed,each mask was wrapped and packed with such care...
I ordered 3 of them,each one just as good as the other no defects 10 out of 10 regarding anything to do with this product!
WELL done Trick or Treat Studios WILL BUY AGAIN!


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