Iron Maiden Eddie - Piece of Mind Mask

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Sculpted by Erich Lubatti

Trick or Treat Studios and Global Merchandising Services are proud to present the officially licensed Iron Maiden Eddie - Piece of Mind Mask.

Sculpted by Erich Lubatti, this mask is based on the album cover of Iron Maiden's 4th Studio release, Piece of Mind. Every detail of Eddie is captured in this amazing latex mask.

So get yourself the official Iron Maiden Eddie - Piece of Mind Mask, put on a copy of Piece of Mind and rock out!

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Iron Maiden Piece of Mind

Iron Maiden Eddie - Piece of Mind Mask

Customer Reviews

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Is it big enuf for my big old big head

by Mike - June 8, 2017

Overall Satisfaction
I am a black American with a giant forehead. My hat size is XXL. I will buy it & the original, 1980, Iron Maiden masks, if I can put it on my big ol' big head. Beautiful artwork!!

I'm in heavy metal heaven!

by Nick - February 2, 2017

Overall Satisfaction
Man, if I had this when I was a kid in 1983! But instead, it's 2017 and I'm a grown-ass man who's too old for this stuff . . . and yet I squealed with delight when I saw it for the first time! An amazing likeness of Eddie in one of his most iconic phases!

Freaking Awesome

by Henry - October 26, 2016

Overall Satisfaction
Wow! I'm speechless! What a great product! It was all I expected and more, great quality, perfect size. It was delivered on time. The mask is made perfectly, it's exactly like Eddie's head. Super recommended!

More Like Piece of Art

by Anthony - October 17, 2016

Overall Satisfaction
This is a must have for all Maiden Fans. Trust me you need this in your collection.

Bad Ass!!!!

by Jughead - August 19, 2016

Overall Satisfaction
This thing is beyond sweet!!!! Really love the quality and ordering another Iron Maiden mask! Up the Irons!!!!!

5 Item(s)

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