Halloween II Butcher Knife

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Trick or Treat Studios and Universal Studios are proud to present the Official Halloween II Butcher Knife Prop!

This knife is made from top quality Polyurethane foam, giving it the most realistic screen used look and feel.

The amazing finish on this knife looks like real stainless steel and a true wood finished hilt!

At 17 1/2" from hilt to point, you will swear that this was the original screen used Lamson Knife held by the most famous serial killer to ever walk the silver screen.

So order your Official Halloween II Butcher Knife now and finish off the Halloween II look!

Halloween II is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios LLC. All rights reserved.

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Halloween II 1981 Movie Poster

Halloween II - Butcher Knife

  • Halloween II - Butcher Knife

Customer Reviews

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A cut above the rest

by vince - October 30, 2018

Overall Satisfaction
This is a great prop for filmmaking, Myers costumes, or any other scary serial killer on halloween. Great look and realism. Much better than some of the other knives you see in costume shops. Great buy!

Complete the look

by Alex - October 24, 2018

Overall Satisfaction
This knife really complements your myers costume and brings the threat factor up a notch.


by Haven - October 23, 2018

Overall Satisfaction
I bought this knife for a Halloween costume and it look really real 10 out of 10 would buy again!


by Reecey poo - October 17, 2018

Overall Satisfaction
The knife is absolutely amazing my only problem is that the tip can break of after a while and paint peels (sometimes) other than that it is a great knife and i would recommend this for any halloween fans.

Halloween II Butcher Knife

by Isaiah - October 7, 2018

Overall Satisfaction
It’s kind of huge not what I suspected but it’s really awesome and looks real.

Love It

by Mark - March 2, 2018

Overall Satisfaction
If you are looking for an overly sized knife then this is the one your looking for. I used it last Halloween and many people thought it was real, well worth the price.

great weapon

by Marc - February 4, 2018

Overall Satisfaction
i love this thing every time i use it i always feel like the shape thanks tots

Totally awesome and a must have to finish the costume!

by Donstoner71 - September 22, 2016

Overall Satisfaction
Man, these knife props look great. If you are a fan of the Halloween series and want to finish the look, this is a must have. It's nice to have a prop that looks real without having to worry about someone getting hurt with a real knife. This is well made, looks real and the price is right.

Halloween II Butcher Knife

by Austin - March 19, 2016

Overall Satisfaction
Pro - The knife prop itself is super realistic and detailed, I mean for being made of polyurethane foam it looks good. You won't find anything else this good at a good price and you might even scare some (most) people who think it's a real knife. Con- The only con I have about it is that it's not made of plastic or a rubbery plastic. If you go into a halloween store and get a "Scream" knife the blade is a rubbery plastic and the handle is just plastic or if get a butcher knife it's all plastic. But other then that I would highly recommend this knife to any Michael Myers Fan. Why did I give it 5 stars if I have one con well cuz it's Michael Myers and the knife is awesome. Thank You Chris and staff of "Trick Or Treat Studios" Knife Fact- Some say the knife used in "Halloween 1" 1978 was a "Lamson" or a "Dexter" no one really knows expect for the cast and crew of "Halloween 1" and "Trick Or Treat Studios."

9 Item(s)

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