Robert Short

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Academy Award winner Robert Short's three decades of outstanding technical, creative and artistic achievement in the field of entertainment have brought to life many of the screens most indelible character icons. "Beetlejuice's" afterlife inhabitants, the enchanting mermaid from "Splash" , the latest incarnation of "Herbie; the love bug, the inspirational heart light for "E.T." and the early development of the terrifying design of "The Predator".

Some of Robert's other projects include visual effects and make-up effects supervision for the film "Punisher; War Zone", and NBC's Emmy nominated series "Surface" as well as directing "Shine On Me". The music video named by New Yorker magazine as the "Best music video of 2008".

Using his love of monsters and his experience as a director and designer, Robert also created several innovative haunted attractions such as Montreal's "Chateau Greystoke" and the Pittsburgh Hockey Associates' "Terrordome". Most recently he served as a creative director for Montreal's "Hollywood Halloween" haunted attraction.

Of course this all starts at Don Post Studios where he worked in the mid 70's as a special projects lab manager. It's here that he learned to sculpt which in turn lead to the creation of some of the era's most memorable mass produced Halloween masks. In recent years he has continued to design Halloween product along side his film and TV work and is excited to lend his imagination and skills to the roster of stunning talent that Trick or Treat has assembled.

It is a dream come true for Trick or Treat Studios to have a true Mask Making legend on our team!