Meet The Team


justin mabry

VP Art Direction / Character Design

Trick or Treat Studios is proud to have Justin Mabry as our VP of Art Direction and Character Design. In this role, Justin runs our Halloween sculpting team and defines the direction of our Halloween Product line. Justin Mabry comes to Trick or Treat Studios with over 20 years experience masking Scary Halloween Masks and models, and is responsible for creating many horror masterpieces that are on the shelves of mask collectors all over the world. More

aaron lewis

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Trick or Treat Studios is happy to have Aaron Lewis as part of our Scary Halloween Mask sculpting team. Aaron was the winner of the 2008 Maskapalooza Mask Making contest and metal rock god THOR onstage used one of Aaron’s mask creations during his concerts. In addition to mask making, Aaron is a contributor to HorrorShow magazine and has created T-shirt designs for and Doctor Shocker’s Halloween Blood Drive. More


mckenzie cullem

VP Operations

Trick or Treat Studios is thrilled to have McKenzie Cullem as our VP of Operations. McKenzie comes to us with a strong Sales background and has extensive knowledge of the Retail environment. McKenzie earned herBusiness Degree at California State University, Monterey Bay and applies her business skills on a daily basis at Trick or Treat Studios. McKenzie handles all the daily operations of the company, including Management of the Sales Team, Business Operations, Inbound and Outbound Fulfillment, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, Customer Relations and all the ins and outs of running a major Halloween company. More


erich lubatti

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Trick or Treat Studios is honored to have Erich Lubatti on our Halloween Mask sculpting team. Erich began sculpting and mask making in 1984. He is a student of the Academy Award-winning make-up artist Dick Smith. In 1997, Erich opened Lubatti Designs Unlimited, one of the premier horror art studios on the net. In 2001, Erich became the Lead Sculptor for Gore Galore's "My Pet Zombie" line of life-sized zombie props. More


russ lukich

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

A childhood love of masks, and monsters led Ohio native Russ Lukich to start making his own creations at an early age.Sculpting and painting his own creatures became a passion that soon led him to pursue a career in film and television work.

Once moving to California, he was quick to lend his talents to the Make Up FX industry . His TV creature work has been seen in such shows as American Horror Story, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel. Russ' film credits include many genre favorites from film franchises including Hellboy, Silent Hill, Underworld, Resident Evil, Men in Black and Jurassic Park. His work will also appear in the upcoming Pacific Rim. More


don post jr.

Character Design

In 1938, Don Post Sr. made history creating the first over the head latex mask. Continuing with his innovation in design, Don. created more wearable, lightweight latex masks, which would hold their shape, hence Don Post Studios was born.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Don Post Jr. continued the innovation, ingenuity and success of Don Post Studios, making the company a household name and the grail of mask making among collectors and mask fans. More


tom savini

Sculptor / Character Design

Special effects artist, actor, director, stunt man, teacher, mentor - all these things could easily describe the career of Tom Savini but none of them do justice in describing his influence on the horror genre. Horror classics like Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow and Day of the Dead are but the first rung on a career ladder than has spanned decades and continues to thrill genre audiences around the globe. Recent years have brought him acting acclaim with roles in films like From Dusk Till Dawn, Machete, Django Unchained and Grindhouse.

Needless to say, we are absolutely thrilled to have Horror Legend Tom Savini on our team and make sure to check out his amazing Zombie Face Mask Collection, new for 2019! More


tony gardner

Sculptor / Character Design

Tony Gardner has been a makeup effects artist for over 30 years. After starting his solo career creating the Half Corpse for “The Return of the Living Dead” at the ripe old age of 21, he and his wife Cindy formed Alterian Studios, which has been responsible for the creation of many iconic makeup effects characters through the years, including Liam Neeson as Darkman, Doug Jones as Billy Butcherson from “Hocus Pocus,” and Bruce Campbell as Evil Ash from “Army of Darkness.” His love of masks has extended from his own early Alterian Ghost Factory mask line (which spawned the “Scream” mask), through the design and creation of “Happy Death Day’s” Baby-Faced mask, the Killer mask for “Hellfest,” and Daft Punk’s iconic robot disguises.

We are honored to have Tony on our team! More


david leroy anderson

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Over his 30 years in the Motion Picture Industry, David Leroy Anderson has been nominated 3 times for an Academy Award for Best Make-Up, winning two Oscars for his achievements. He has also been nominated for 4 Emmy Awards and won for American Horror Story: Freak Show for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For a Series, Limited Series, Movie Or a Special. David is a member of Local 706 and for the past 20 years he has served on the Academy of Motion Pictures Make-Up Selection Committee. More


jerry constantine

Sculptor / Character Design

Born in New Jersey, Jerry took interest in horror movies at a very early age. He soon became obsessed with how to make monsters. As soon as Jerry graduated High School, he moved to Pittsburg to meet and work with one of his idols, Tom Savini, where as an assistant to Tom for over three years. Having felt he was ready, Jerry moved to Los Angeles where he worked on many films including Scary Movie 2, The Chronicles of Riddick, Seed of Chucky, Jackass, Watchmen and G.I. Joe, to name a few.

With over 15 years in the industry, we are honored to have Jerry on our team! More


megan many

Sculptor / Character Design

Megan Many may have grew up in Brooklyn, New York but her dreams were ones filled with Monsters, Witches and Maniacs. After graduating Tom Savini’s Makeup Effects Program in 2005, Megan was part of the team for mask-making Specter Studios of Pittsburg for many years. After moving to Los Angeles, Megan worked at the two biggest and most famous FX shops, Rick Bakers Cinovation and Legacy FX. Her resume includes Men in Black 3, The Avengers, Thor, Pacific Rim, Reel Steel and Shape of Water. Megan is also responsible for partnering on some of the greatest displays in the horror convention world. Most recently she worked on the Guillermo Del Toro movie ‘Scary Stories to tell in the Dark’ bringing it full circle back to the child she was..

We are super excited to Megan Many on our team! More


sam furst

Graphic Designer

The son of a photographer and artist/professor, Sam started his design career at a young age by creating custom covers for his TV recordings of monsters movies. Sam went on to receive a BFA in Graphic design with a focus in illustration. His love for Halloween and monsters has never faded. Sam owns and operates a company called Monsters Are Good, specializing in traditional monster movie themed apparel and accessories. As an avid collector and all around fan, Sam is excited to be a part of Trick or Treat Studios. More


darren roberts


Darren's artistic skills started and a young age when he became obsessed with movie monsters, dinosaurs and sharks. Films like Star Wars, Jaws and An American Werewolf In London had a huge influence on the young artist. This passion for creating led him to become a student of Oscar winning make-up artist Dick Smith. In the years to follow he was mentored by master sculptor and movie FX Legend Henry Alvarez. More


bryan fulk

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Although he started out as an FX makeup artist over a decade ago, Bryan soon transitioned into prop making and design. Working in the film industry between Los Angeles and New Zealand, Bryan has created props for Ash vs Evil Dead, Power Rangers, Hellevator, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, and much more. More


christopher nelson

Academy Award winner and 2 time Emmy winner Christopher Nelson is one of the top make-up FX artists and personalities in the film and television industry. His career spans almost 3 decades, earning him one of the most versatile, well rounded, and respected artist today. Christopher has worked on and created some of the most iconic characters throughout film, from Marvel and DC to horror and scifi. His credits include Sin City, Kill Bill, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Suicide Squad, Deadpool, Bright, and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War as well as the new Halloween (2018) from Blumhouse and director David Gordon Green in which he designed and created the FX and was thrilled to create the return of Michael Myers (The Shape). More


vincent van dyke

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Four time Emmy nominated makeup effects artist, Vincent Van Dyke has been a professional working in the makeup effects field for over 12 years. Primarily working as a sculptor and painter while being a freelance artist, in 2011 he took the leap and opened Vincent Van Dyke Effects. In the last 7 years the company has become one of the go to makeup effects studios in Los Angeles, working on shows such as Code Black, 911, Darkest Hour, I, Tonya and most recently the new 2018 Halloween. More


Trenton Krueger

Character Design

Indiana born and raised on movies, monsters and Fangoria magazine, Trenton always loved Halloween and loved Ben Cooper and Collegeville masks and costumes growing up. Trenton and his brother couldn’t afford to buy Halloween Masks, so they took to making their own using paper plates or paper maché, hence starting his mask sculpting career, but it was when Trenton saw George A Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and learned the name Tom Savini that he knew he wanted to create monsters. More


B. Akerlund

Costume Design

B. Akerlund is a Swedish born fashion activist & costume designer known for her innovative and over the top style that has influenced the industry for over 20 years. Akerlund has styled for such reputable names as Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Fergie and of course Ghost BC to name a few on her client list. B. also moves freely between fashion, film, music and art. Her appreciation to detail and freedom to experiment has granted her the success in her career to express who she is and the ability to transform visions into realities and the power to express personalities through style. B is also a huge Halloween Fan! More


Garrett Zima

Creative Consultant

Garrett Zima specializes in the haunted attraction industry, where he designs custom animatronic props. Garrett is a huge fan of the horror genre and has screen credit on the film “Cult of Chucky” where he specialized on making sure the Good Guy Doll matched the classic look of the previous films. Garrett continues his efforts on the new Good Guy doll from Trick or Treat Studios as a creative consultant. We are honored to have Garrett as a member of our team. More


Bo Cooper

Social Media Manager

A former pro wrestler of 22 years, Bo has had a passion for wrestling and horror movies since childhood. Bo lived the dream of becoming a wrestler for 20+ years however when injuries took precedence, his extensive background in sales and strong knowledge of social media content was brought to the forefront. Bo's first experience of horror took place in the early 80's after seeing Halloween, Children of the Corn and the Exorcist. From there, horror became Bo's passion, collecting horror figures, posters and anything that has to do with Halloween movie franchise and the holiday itself. Bo has been featured in movies, TV shows, commercials, YouTube and world wide published magazines. We are happy to have Bo as our Social Media Manager where he will protect and monitor pages, field customer service questions, post and comment on all our Social Channels. More


Butch X

Character Design

For the past 13 years, Butch X has been a professional Artist. Butch's artistic skills include painting, clothing design, merchandise design and jewelry design. In addition to Butch's artistic skills, he has also put those skills to work as writer and producer of Candy Corn the Movie, which is currently in production. Butch is also the owner of Butch-O-Vision. which sells all of Butch's original wears. More


mario torres

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

We are thrilled to have Mario Torres be part of our Halloween Sculpting Team! Mario Torres has worked in the film industry for over 18 years. His work has been seen in many films such as Bicentenial Man, Hellboy 2, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, Your Highness, Xmen Last Stand, Attack the Block, Sleepy Hollow and Paul. Mario Torres most recent films have been The Dark Knight Rises, Men In Black 3, Percy Jackson 2, The Walking Dead and Pacific Rim for Guillermo del Toro. More


tim martin

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Timothy Martin has been a Special make-up FX artist working on Hollywood films for over 15 years. He specializes in sculpting and painting and has been an instructor at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts having the most tutorials on that site to date. His crowning achievement has been as creature maquette designer and sculptor for Neil Blomkamp's Alien 5, making Tim one of a very few artists ever to have contributed to the design of the iconic Alien character. We are thrilled to have Tim on our team. More


kristin philips

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Kristen Phillips is a mask maker, prop builder and FX makeup artist.

Watching horror movies with her dad as a child sparked a love of monsters and the macabre and led her to a self directed study of special effects that began in her teens. Her years of experience as costume and makeup director at a major east coast haunted attraction inspired her to start her own business, Safari Anomalous, in 2007. The experience exposed her to what the Halloween/haunt industry had to offer, and she began to develop themes and concepts that were not being widely explored. Inspired by a love of science and the mysterious and disturbing qualities of the natural world, Kristen creates original and unique masks, props, costumes, and set pieces that tend to wander far from horror's well beaten path. More


connor deless

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

At a very young age, Conor became fascinated with the process of creating makeup, costumes and props from his favorite movies. This fascination led Conor to try the process himself. Conor began to teach himself how to sculpt and eventually he made his first latex face mask. From there Conor made replicas of his favorite movie maniac as well as several original pieces and he even created full costumes for Actors Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface) and James Hong (Lo Pan) for special in character appearances. More


chris williams

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Chris grew up in San Diego, California. As a kid Chris was influenced by comic books (Frank Frazetta being my biggest influence) and horror movies (watching Monstervision, Universal, 80s horror movies). At the age of 10, Chris started making his own costumes and masks out of paper mache. At the age of 19, Chris started working at a local haunts and eventually worked his way up to being a makeup artist and prop maker for haunts. Chris than a freelance artist doing private commissions for Halloween masks and maquette resin kits. Some of Chris's work includes the Haunted Hotel as a makeup and prop Artist and his appearances at the San Diego Comic Art Gallery for his custom painting of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures based on designs from the IDW Publishing Comic Book. Trick or Treat Studios is thrilled to have Chris on our team!. More


jason thomas

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Jason M. Thomas, a native central Floridian, has been in the special effects industry for over 20 years.

Jason is the head sculptor for the Universal Studios Orlando prosthetics department and has worked on many projects throughout the park. Projects such as Halloween Horror Nights, Grinchmas, and the Gringotts dragon at Diagon Alley are just a few examples of where you may see his work. As owner of Blackjack Creature Company, Jason has turned much of his focus to the haunt industry creating original masks and props. More


robert short

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Academy Award winner Robert Short's three decades of outstanding technical, creative and artistic achievement in the field of entertainment have brought to life many of the screens most indelible character icons. "Beetlejuice's" afterlife inhabitants, the enchanting mermaid from "Splash" , the latest incarnation of "Herbie; the love bug, the inspirational heart light for "E.T." and the early development of the terrifying design of "The Predator". Some of Robert's other projects include visual effects and make-up effects supervision for the film "Punisher; War Zone", and NBC's Emmy nominated series "Surface" as well as directing "Shine On Me". The music video named by New Yorker magazine as the "Best music video of 2008". More


william malone

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design /Motion Picture Director

We are honored to have one of our all time favorite Halloween Mask Sculptors on our team, William Malone!

Born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, William Malone was inspired with film making during weekly trips to the Lucian Theater to see the latest releases of horror films. By age 14, Malone was making home movies with a 8mm camera and designing monster masks for himself and friends to wear for Halloween. More


kelly mann

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

We are thrilled to have Kelly Mann on our sculpting team. Kelly is an Emmy Award winner, who followed a boyhood dream in 1977 when he accepted his first professional job as a makeup artist, working for a TV station in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he grew up. Subsequent work in theater makeup, outdoor attractions, and other live performances eventually led to Kelly's decision to pursue a makeup career in Hollywood, California. Kelly has freelanced as a mask maker, makeup artist, and special effects artist, working on many films, TV shows, theater, and print ads for many leading producers, directors, actors and major film, Television, and entertainment companies, including Universal Studios, New Line pictures, Lorimar television, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Studios, Buena Vista Pictures, and Walt Disney Imagineering. More


casey wong

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Casey Wong is a native Californian or as he calls himself a Karloffornian. He is a self taught artist who wanted to make monsters since the age of four years old, after seeing Universal Studios 1931 production of Frankenkenstein & Universal Studios 1957 biopic production of Man of a Thousand Faces. Casey’s earliest inspirations were those involved in the art of makeup, used by Lon Chaney Sr., Jack Pierce, Dick Smith and Rick Baker... Monster Maker ! As his aspirations in the field of makeup effects and the history of his beloved horror genre / industry grew, Casey soon found mentors, who urged and helped propel him to follow his dreams of becoming a monster maker.More


rich krusell

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design Design

New York City-based artist, Rich Krusell, started making his mark in the art world as an illustrator and aerosol artist with aspirations to one day work for Marvel Comics. Having worked in advertising as a graphic designer (traditional & digital) for over 18 years, he found himself at a crossroads. Inspired by watching horror & sci-fi films growing up, he shifted his energies to one of his oldest loves: sculpture, mask making & special makeup effects. Today, he is co-owner of "Gotham FX", an FX shop serving the NYC metropolitan area and beyond. We are very proud to have Rich on our team working alongside his old friend Justin Mabry. More


jason king

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Jason King is a self taught artist, born and raised in San Diego, CA. Jason grew up watching 80's horror movies as well as a natural born Halloween fanatic, he began experimenting with special effects make up at 10 years old, terrorizing his friends and family with fake wounds and more fake blood than a child should have access to.

His first job was acting at a Halloween Haunted Attraction which led to working as a Makeup Artist which led to a life long interest in making Halloween masks. More


alexander rey

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Alex grew up with a love for action figures, comics and 80’s horror films and had aspirations to one day work in one of these industries. This would eventually lead him to pursue a degree in studio art where he would study painting and sculpture and discover an interest in sculpting portraits for masks and sixth scale toys. Alex has since sculpted portraits for several sixth scale action figures and his work can be found in many private collections. Luckily for us, Alex's amazing work is now part of Trick or Treat Studios! More


ryan bean

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Ryan was inspired by monsters, creatures, and fictional characters in film from a very early age. Eventually, he became a mask and prop collector with a focus on horror, fantasy, and sci-fi creatures, and began to take an interest in sculpting in 2001. Since then, he has fallen in love with it and completed a few personal bust and mask projects in his spare time.

Ryan came to realize that sculpting is his passion, and looks forward to expanding his horizons to create more original designs as he shifts gears and begins crafting latex masks for Trick or Treat Studios. More


bruce spaulding fuller

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Fueled by comic books, Monster magazines, and the Saturday afternoon creature features, Bruce longed to be a Mad Doctor just like Dr. Frankenstein and his ilk - toiling away on the birth of monsters. Through magazines like Famous Monsters of Filmland, and later Starlog and Fangoria, secrets were divulged, information was gleaned and Bruce came to understand that monsters were made on Hollywood soundstages by makeup artists & monster makers extraordinaire such as Lon Chaney, Jack Pierce and Dick Smith. Pursuing that dream, he worked the standard jobs of any young man while refining his talents at night in his apartment laboratories. More


daniel horne

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Daniel has been making art professionally for the past thirty one years.From paperback covers and children's books to gallery paintings and one of a kind art dolls, Daniel's art is in many private collections from Hong Kong to New York City.

Daniel's art has been featured in many of the genre's leading magazines and has been honored to have his painting: ARCADIA on the cover of : SPECTRUM the best of fantastic art., The covers for MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT, SCREEM MAGAZINE and a fine interview in make up artist magazine. Daniel's classic monster paintings are in the collection of DAVID and JAN HAFT, GUILLERMO DEL TORO, RICK BAKER, GREG NICOTERO . No matter the medium, Daniel gives each and every one of his creations life and a history. More


chris zephro


A lifetime passion for Halloween and Halloween masks led Chris Zephro to his dream of owning a Halloween based business. After a five year friendship with Chris’s favorite Mask Sculptor and Designer, Justin Mabry, Chris had the artistic force to make the company possible.

Together with the help of our friends and support of our family, Trick or Treat Studios was born. Prior to starting Trick or Treat Studios, Chris earned his MBA from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and spent 20+ years in Corporate America, doing everything from Operations Management to Marketing to Finance to ending his career in Corporate America by running the Supply Chain Organization for Seagate Technolog. More


John Wrightson

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Trick or Treat Studios is thrilled to have John Wrightson as part of our Halloween Mask sculpting team. Originally from upstate New York, John currently resides in Los Angeles, California where he has immersed himself in the world of special effects.

Raised in a creative home with his well-known artist father, Bernie Wrightson,John has become an accomplished sculptor and painter in his own right, having worked at the prestigious Patrick Talopoulos Design Studio as well as the renowned Stan Winston Studio. More


tom devlin

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

We are thrilled to have Tom Devlin be part of our Halloween Mask Sculpting Team! Tom Devlin has been working professionally as a special makeup effects artist for 13 years. If you've ever met Tom, it is clear that monsters, horror movies and Halloween are not just a job for him, but a passion.

Through his company 1313FX, Tom has provided creatures and special makeup effects on over 100 feature films, working with many of the actors and directors that inspired his path. In addition to his work in film and television, Tom has created a line of Halloween masks for the Haunted Attractions industry. He has been selling his creations to some of the most well-known haunts across the country for the last 6 years. Tom recently appeared as a contestant on the SyFy reality series "Face Off". He quickly became a fan favorite with his winning horror villain "Teddy Told Me To", a terrifying take on the teddy bear. More


Michael "Mikey" Rotella

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Born and raised in North Jersey, Mikey dreamt of being an monster maker since he was 6 years old. Watching films like Dawn of the Dead, The Exorcist, and An American Werewolf in London at a ridiculously young age instilled a blood curdling fear and eventual obsession with monsters, Halloween, and 70's/80's horror.

Mikey worked on the film "Dogma" at the age of 15, and knew that there was only one career choice in his future. He moved to Los Angeles, where he resides today, and realized his dream of becoming a professional sculptor in the film, television, and Halloween industries. More


rick fisher

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Trick or Treat Studios is proud to have Rick Fisher as part of our amazing team of Halloween Sculptors. Rick Fisher has been involved in sculpting and mask making since 1999 and in 2010, Rick started SikRik Masks.

Rick has developed a loyal customer base and has a lineup of very popular Officially Licensed masks, including a GG Allin, Andre the Giant, Jeff Clayton ANTiSEEN and DEVO Booji Boy mask. As a sculptor and mask maker Rick’s biggest influence comes from music, which is why we’ve assigned Rick to do the first Officially Licensed Motorhead War Pig Mask to be released in 2015. More


chris russell

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

Chris Russell realized his love for monsters as a child. Chris' father, a magician who designed illusions and special effects for local haunted attractions, inspired Chris to become involved in all things scary. Chris got his first job at a magic and costume store at the tender age of 12, and the rest is history.

Chris has been making custom High Quality Collector Halloween Masks and costumes since 2000. Chris has supplied all sorts of custom masks, costumes and props many popular pro haunted attractions across the USA, as well as films. More


Eric Pigors

Artist / Cartoonist / Character Design

Trick or Treat Studios is proud to be the exclusive Halloween Mask Maker for the artwork of Eric Pigors and his unique horror style called Toxictoons.

Eric studied animation under artists from Walt Disney Studios at Brandes Art in Northridge, CA. Eric has worked in the animation industry for 20 years on such films as Brad Bird and Tim Burton’s project for Steven Speilberg’s Amazing Stories, The Family Dog. More


David Hartman

Artist / Cartoonist / Character Design

Trick or Treat Studios is thrilled to be the exclusive Halloween Mask Maker for the artwork of David Hartman and his characters from Side Show Monkey.

David mastered his craft at The Columbus College of Art and Design and went on to do animation at Sony Pictures and Walt Disney's Television divisions. Although achieving fame for his Directorial work on Disney's My Friends Tigger and Pooh, we love David most for his Side Show Monkey Characters and the amazing art work he did for Rob Zombie's American Witch and Lords of Salem animated videos. More


Neal Kennemore

Halloween Mask Sculptor / Character Design

We are absolutely giddy to have the amazing Neal Kennemore be part of our Halloween Mask sculpting team! Neal is a third generation sculptor working in the Film, TV, Halloween and Collectable industry. Born in Burbank, CA at Saint Joseph Hospital, right across the street from Disney Animation Studios.

Neal’s bloodline in sculpting started with his Grandfather, the legendary Disney and Creature FX Sculptor and Designer Michael McCracken. Followed by his Father, the well known Creature FX Sculptor Jeff Kennemore, whose sculpting work was featured in John Carpenter's The Thing, Twilight Zone: The Movie, and Poltergeist II, just to name a few. More